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Cells treated with oxidized low-density lipoprotein activate a suicide mechanism (Apoptosis). Signs of Apoptosis include fragmentation of DNA in the cell’s nucleus (light areas). Seelos (1997).

Analytical model of the joint venture of Telenor and Grameen. We model business models to identify the key organizational mechanisms that generate desirable outcomes and drive achievement of strategic objectives. (Seelos 2007, 2014).

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a) Journal Articles, Book Series, and selected Working Papers

(underlined= downloadable)

Mair, J., Seelos, C. (2021) Organizations, Social Problems, and System Change: Invigorating the Third Mandate of Organizational Research. Organization Theory October 2021. Available at

Seelos, C. (2021). Homelessness, A System Perspective. The Journey of Community Solutions. Stanford Digital Repository. Available at

Seelos, C. (2021). System perspectives will slow us down and

that's a good thing! Stanford Digital Repository. Available at

Seelos, Ch. (2019) Changing systems? Welcome to the slow movement. Stanford Social Innovation Review 18 (1), 40-47.

Seelos, Ch., Mair, J. (2018) Mastering System Change. Stanford Social Innovation Review 16 (4), 35-41.

Mair, J., Seelos, Ch. (2017) Water is power. Impact India 2, Spring 2017, 24-29.

Mair, J., Wolf, M., Seelos, Ch. (2016) Scaffolding: A Process of Transforming Patterns of Inequality in Small-Scale Societies. The Academy of Management Journal, 59 (6), 2021-2044.

Paper nominated amongst top 4 articles of 2016 by the Academy of Management Journal.

Seelos, Ch., Mair, J. (2016) When Innovation Goes Wrong. Stanford Social Innovation Review 14 (4), 27-33.

Sarker, A., Abed, S., Seelos, Ch. (2016) Lessons in Scaling and Failing: The challenges of scaling up programs aimed at empowering adolescent girls in Bangladesh and Uganda. Stanford Social Innovation Review 14 (2), Supplement, 14-15.

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Seelos, Ch., Mair. J. (2012) Innovation is not the Holy Grail. Stanford Social Innovation Review 10, 44-49.

Seelos, Ch., Mair. J. (2012) What determines the capacity for continuous innovation in social sector organizations? PACS Report to the Rockefeller Foundation.

Seelos, Ch., Mair. J. (2012) Organizational Capacity for Continuous Innovation-Outline of a Research Agenda. PACS Report to the Rockefeller Foundation.

Seelos, Ch., Mair, J. (2011) Organizational Mechanisms of Inclusive Growth: A Critical Realist Perspective on Scaling. PACS Working Paper DI-0840-E (submitted).

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Seelos, Ch., Mair, J. (2007) Profitable business models and market creation in the context of deep poverty: A Strategic View. Academy of Management Perspectives 21, 49-63.

Paper won two international awards:

1.Best Paper for Practitioner Implications Award 2007 of the Strategic Management Society.

2.International Finance Corporation(IFC)/Financial Times (FT) 2008 Gold Price out of 750 submissions of the "private sector development" research essay competition.

Mair, J., Seelos, Ch. (2006) Digital Democracy. European Business Forum 26, 59-61.

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Seelos, Ch., Mair, J. (2005) Social Entrepreneurship: Creating New Business Models to Serve the Poor. Business Horizons 48, 247-252.

Paper consistently ranked amongst “25 Hottest Articles” by Science Direct for this journal.

Seelos, Ch., Mair, J. (2005) Sustainable development, sustainable profits. European Business Forum 20, 49-53.

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b) Books and Book Chapters:

Radeke J., Mair J., Seelos C. (2019) Waste Concern: Fixing Market Failures. In: Lenssen G., Smith N. (eds) Managing Sustainable Business. Springer: Dordrecht, 561-578.

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c) Case Studies:

Varley, P., Seelos, Ch. (2018) Transforming Desert Land & Human Potential: Egypt’s ‘SEKEM’ Initiative Reaches a Crossroads. Harvard Kennedy School.

Coudenhove-Kalergi, B., Seelos, Ch. (2012) EVN in Bulgaria (C) – Making it work… . Stanford PACS.

Coudenhove-Kalergi, B., Seelos, Ch. (2012) EVN in Bulgaria (B) – Engaging the Roma Community. Stanford PACS.

Seelos, Ch. (2011) EVN in Bulgaria - Eastern Phantasy Meets Eastern Reality. Case study. IESE Business School.

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Seelos, Ch., Mair, J. (2004) Sekem - holistic development in the economic, cultural, and social spheres. Case study. IESE Business

d) Selected Newspaper Articles:

Seelos, Ch., May, M. (2015) Does the Development Sector Need Its Own WikiLeaks? Could radical transparency in global development lead to better outcomes? Stanford Social Innovation Review

Seelos, Ch. (2014) The Grammar of Poverty: A diagnostic framework for shaping innovation and scaling strategies. Stanford Social Innovation Review

Seelos, Ch., Mair, J. (2013) The Role of Research in Social Innovation Are research and practice two coins or two sides of the same coin? Stanford Social Innovation Review

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Seelos, Ch. (2009) Managing in a downturn: New models for the future. Financial Times, Feb 13.  

Seelos, Ch. (2008) Company lessons in reaching the world’s poorest*. Financial Times, March 17 (*winning article of an essay competition sponsored by the Financial Times and the International Finance Corporation on the private sector's role in development).

Seelos, Ch. (2005) Social Entrepreneurs. Wirtschaftsblatt/CorporAID (October), 52.

Seelos, Ch. (2004) Strategisches Soziales Engagement. Wirtschaftsblatt/CorporAID 3-1, 70.


Seelos, Ch., Mair, J. (2003) Entropy International - Enabling businesses to make a contribution to sustainable development. Case study. IESE Business School.

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