Christian Seelos

CONTACT - Current appointments

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 Distinguished Fellow

 Director Global Innovation for Impact Lab

 Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society

 559 Nathan Abbott Way

 Stanford, CA 94305-6042



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Selected previous academic appointments

Harvard HKS, Director Social Innovation Practice at SICI  (2016-2018)

KU Leuven, Leo Tindemans Chair for Business Model Innovation (2013-2017)

Oxford University, Said Business School: Visiting Academic (2013-2017)

IESE Business School: Adjunct Professor, Strategic Management Department; Director, IESE Platform for Strategy and Sustainability (-2011)

University of Vienna, Associate Professor, Institute for cancer research and tumor biology (1990s, 2000s)

Baylor College of Medicine: Research Associate, Institute for internal medicine (80s-90s)