Christian Seelos


Iraq is a fascinating country, so much potential, so much beauty, so much history and yet unable to find peace and to create a prosperous future for its people.

Between 1994 and 1998 I spent much time in Iraq as a member of the United Nations Special Commission tasked with disarming Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and verifying progress. As UN weapons inspectors, we clearly represented the enemy, and still I have so many wonderful memories of  the generosity and hospitality of many Iraqis from all walks of life. Most Iraqi people I met were very friendly and welcoming, curious about the world yet hesitant to discuss politics - quite understandable given the repressive nature of the regime at that time.


The current situation in Iraq and the suffering of its citizens saddens me deeply. I hope they can unite one day around a shared spirit and vision for their country.

I have lots of pictures that show the many different faces of the country. Unfortunately, many pictures show persons so I can not post them here due to the sensitivity of our work. However, I have found a few that give a bit of an impression of the diversity of the country and the richness of its history.  

Pictures from different parts of Iraq

A few pictures related to the disarmament work